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Frequently Asked Questions


What size storage units are available?

We are one of the few facilities with smaller units (5x10 & 6x10) and VERY large warehouse sized units (18x45 & 19x45). See photos on our Storage Units page.

How easy is the access to my unit?

Our facility is one of the only facilities with larger
driveways that allow for easy access with trailers,
vehicles and large loads. No need to move your car
when unloading if another tenant showsup; our
driveways can accommodate multiple vehicles.
Our doorsare wider and taller than almost all other
facilities - much easier access for your taller items,
trailers, and gear!
Eagle Airport Car & Mini Storage Facility

Do I need insurance for items in my unit?

Yes. You are responsible for those items you store at our facility. We have two affordable self storage insurance options.

What are your gate hours?

The system default is 5:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. If you need additional hours we can accommodate those hours with additional information and security provided. We can assign specific codes to each individual that will access your unit.
Large Interior Storage Rooms

What size are the doors?

The North Building (with office) doors are 9x8 feet except for the units that are by a “step”. Unit doors next to a step are 8x8 feet. The South Building doors are all 10x10 feet.

How tall are your ceilings?

North Building ceilings start at 13 feet and taper down to 11 feet.
South Building ceilings are 16 feet and taper down to 14 feet.

Can I get power to my unit?

Yes. Specific units are set up with electrical outlets. Call Holy Cross Energy to set up an account for power at 970-949-5892.
Exterior of Storage Facility

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